Treatments for Cracked Tooth | Dental Injury & Emergency Dentist Riverside, California

Treatments for Cracked Tooth | Dental Injury & Emergency Dentist Riverside, California

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A cracked tooth in Riverside, CA can suddenly throw a wrench into your confidence. Whether it’s a result of a dramatic accident or something as seemingly harmless as enjoying a bag of popcorn, cracked teeth are the most common type of dental injury. All dental patients in Riverside should be familiar with chipped teeth, the causes behind them, and the various treatments that Riverside Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. Ali Shmara recommends to restore your radiant smile.

A chipped, or cracked tooth occurs when a portion of the tooth is fractured or broken, making it the number one type of dental injury. Dental injuries, including chipped teeth, can result from various causes, ranging from accidents to unexpected encounters with certain foods.

Leading Causes of Cracked Teeth


Accidents are a leading cause of chipped teeth. A fall, a collision, or any unexpected impact can result in a chip. However, it’s not always the grandiose events; something as mundane as biting down on popcorn can lead to an unwelcome surprise of a chipped tooth.


Popcorn, often considered a harmless snack, can contribute to dental injuries, especially when bitten on forcefully. The hard kernels can pose a threat to the integrity of your teeth, leading to chipping or fractures.

Treatments for Cracked Teeth

Depending on the severity of the chipped tooth, we may recommend various treatments:

  • Dental Crown: For larger chips, a dental crown may be suggested to cover and protect the entire visible part of the tooth.
  • Dental Bonding: This involves the application of a strong resin material to repair or reshape the chipped area, providing a natural-looking restoration. The resin material used in bonding procedures is a durable dental material that replaces the area that has chipped. This versatile substance allows dentists to recreate the natural appearance of the tooth seamlessly.

Root Canals

In cases where the pulp (the innermost part of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels) is at risk, a root canal may be required. This involves removing the infected pulp and is often followed by additional procedures to restore the tooth’s structure.


For cases where a chipped tooth has undergone a root canal, veneers can be added to improve the appearance of your teeth. These thin layers of material are placed over the front surface of the tooth, enhancing both its appearance and strength.

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