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Tooth Extraction - Getting a Tooth Pulled or Removed

Are you thinking about tooth extraction? Understand why your dentist may need to pull a tooth, or multiple teeth, and what to expect. Tooth extraction may be necessary if a natural tooth is badly decayed or damaged. This dental procedure eliminates bacteria and improves oral health.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction, also known as “having a tooth pulled,” dental extraction or tooth removal, is a common dental procedure performed by dentists to remove a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. While preserving natural teeth is always the preferred option, there are instances where tooth extraction becomes necessary to maintain oral health and prevent further complications.

Tooth extraction can be categorized into two types: simple and surgical. Simple extractions are performed on visible teeth that can be easily accessed and removed with forceps. Surgical extractions are more complex and involve removing teeth that are impacted or broken beneath the gum line. This may require making an incision in the gum tissue or removing bone around the tooth.

While tooth extraction is typically considered a last resort when other dental treatments cannot save a damaged or problematic tooth, it is sometimes necessary for maintaining oral health and preventing further complications. Dr. Ali Shmara carefully evaluates each case before recommending a tooth pulling to ensure it is the most appropriate course of action for your overall dental health.

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Reasons for Pulling a Tooth

There are several common reasons why Dr. Ali Shmara may recommend a tooth extraction. One of the most prevalent reasons is severe tooth decay or damage that cannot be effectively treated with other dental procedures such as fillings or root canals. In such cases, extracting the affected tooth helps prevent the spread of infection and protects surrounding teeth.

Another reason for tooth extraction is overcrowding in the mouth. When there is insufficient space for all teeth to properly align, it can lead to misalignment, bite problems, and difficulty in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Removing one or more teeth can create space for proper alignment and improve overall dental health.

Periodontal disease, which affects the supporting structures of the teeth including gums and bones, can also necessitate tooth extraction. Advanced stages of periodontal disease may cause irreversible damage to these structures, making it necessary to remove affected teeth to prevent further deterioration.

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Tooth Extraction Riverside, CA – Same Day Appointments Available!

Are you wondering if you need a tooth removed? If you need a tooth removed, we recommend looking into a surgical dental procedure called a tooth extraction. If you experience swelling, bleeding, pain or high sensitivity on one tooth or a couple of your teeth, call Riverside Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. Ali Shmara at (951)352-2227 to ask if a tooth extraction is a good solution for you. Swollen and bloody teeth can be the result of an infection, tooth decay, overcrowded teeth, gum disease, or physical impact.

4 Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

The benefits of a tooth extraction aren’t what you might expect.

Benefit #1: Alleviate the Pain

You deserve a healthy smile that isn’t swollen, bleeding, and constantly hurting. Let Riverside Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. Ali Shmara extract that troubled tooth and get your smile back on track.


Benefit #2: Tooth Decay Removal

Your tooth is most likely infected from abscess caused by tooth decay, bacteria, plaque, and cavities. Removing the damaged tooth allows us to remove the problem from the source 


Benefit #3: Save Your Other Teeth

Keeping your infected tooth longer exposes all of your surrounding teeth to the infection and bacteria. Extract your decaying tooth before it spreads and infects multiple teeth. It’s bad enough to have one pain-causing tooth, contain the pain before it spreads.


Benefit #4: Dental Hygiene

Most of the time, an infected decaying tooth will shelter odor causing bacteria that contribute to bad breath. We highly recommend extracting the pain-causing infected tooth to help restore your dental hygiene.

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Are You Eligible For a Tooth Extraction in Riverside?

Tooth Pain & Blood: Is your tooth constantly bleeding and causing you oral pain? You might be suffering from a tooth infection that can only be fixed by removing the tooth from the root.

Severe Damage: Did you experience a physical accident that broke or fractured your tooth? In the event that your tooth gets fractured, we recommend a tooth extraction to save as many of your natural teeth.

Overcrowded Teeth: To achieve a balanced and beautiful smile, you might consider pulling an unnecessary tooth. A tooth extraction is a safe and effective procedure to help you obtain a symmetrical smile. Wisdom teeth often cause overcrowding teeth and require tooth extractions.

Age: As long as you have a healthy jaw and are over the age of 25, you qualify for a safe and successful tooth extraction procedure.

Physical Health & Medication: Certain medications and health conditions interfere with anesthesia. Be sure to disclose your medical history and current medications with your tooth extraction specialist.

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What to Expect With Tooth Extraction

During a tooth extraction, Dr. Ali Shmara will administer local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. In some cases, general anesthesia may be used for more complex extractions or for patients with anxiety. Dr. Ali Shmara will then carefully loosen the tooth using specialized instruments and gently remove it from the socket.

During the tooth extraction process, you will be sedated under local anesthesia, ensuring a gentle and painless experience. While you may feel slight pressure, you won’t feel extreme discomfort. During this surgical process, Dr. Ali Shmara will loosen the tooth with a special technique and then remove it completely.

After the extraction, Dr. Ali Shmara may place stitches to promote healing and prevent excessive bleeding. A gauze pad is typically placed over the extraction site to control bleeding and facilitate blood clot formation. It is important to follow post-extraction instructions that we provide to ensure proper healing of your procedure and to minimize complications. Schedule a follow-up visit to check in for any irregularities.

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