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Dentist Services

Riverside’s premier dentist, Riverside Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. Ali Shmara, offers a wide range of high quality & affordable cosmetic dentist services in Riverside. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with premier dental care that is tailored to address your dental concerns in Riverside. Achieve the smile makeover of your dreams with our full service dental clinic located in the Arlington neighborhood in Riverside County. Some of the most common dentist services we offer are:

Tooth implants

Also known as dental implants, tooth implants are good solutions for missing teeth.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is the best option for a tooth gap between two teeth.

Dental crowns

Also known as tooth crowns, dental crowns are a great option for chipped or broken teeth.

Tooth extractions

Some teeth may be beyond repair due to severe decay and infection and might require a tooth extraction.

Root canals

Extreme tooth pain, swollen gums, and bleeding teeth might be an indication that you need a root canal dental procedure.

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To find out which dental service is best for you, call now to meet with Dr. Ali Shmara, Riverside’s best cosmetic dentist. Our office phone number is (951) 352-2227. Schedule your free consultation today.


Our location is 4959 Arlington Ave, Suite A Riverside, CA 92504. We are located off the 91 Freeway near the Riverside Municipal Airport in Riverside, California.

Dental Insurance

We accept a wide variety of dental insurance plans.  If you don’t have dental insurance, we welcome you to contact us for more information about financing options that are possible.