What causes minor toothaches?

Minor toothaches are normally caused by genetics, dental hygiene, and food. Due to genetics, some of us are prone to have more sensitive gums and teeth. Minor toothaches can also be caused by your dental hygiene habits. If you don’t have a regular brushing and flossing routine, you are allowing food residue, bacteria and plaque to build up in your teeth. Minor toothaches can also be caused by the type of food that you eat regularly. Acidic foods are a good example of foods that weaken and wear away the protective enamel on your teeth. Without your protective enamel, you’re teeth are vulnerable and more sensitive.

What causes severe toothaches?

Severe toothaches can be caused by a variety of underlying factors. Tooth decay, tooth fractures, abscess, and physical injuries can cause severe toothaches. If you suspect that tooth decay is causing you unbearable tooth pain, we suggest that you contact your local emergency dentist immediately. By neglecting your tooth decay that is causing a severe toothache, you increase the dental treatments that it will require to repair your dental health. Tooth fractures can also cause severe toothaches. Tooth fractures can look like broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. If your broken tooth is causing you sharp pain, we advise that you seek urgent dental care.