Frustrated With Gum Pain?

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Get Rid of Swollen Gum

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At Riverside Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. Ali Shmara we understand that continuous gum pain can interfere with our ability to smile confidently and enjoy our day to day. Whether it’s gum disease, a tooth infection or tooth bacteria that is causing pain in your gums, our team recommends getting a professional diagnosis from the best dentist in Riverside.

Why Does Your Gum Hurt?

gum disease in riverside cosmetic dentist

In his 10 years as a 5-star rated dentist in Riverside, Dr. Ali Shmara has restored several gum-related cases. He deeply understands the causes of pain in your mouth and can provide the best recommendation for you.

Common causes of gum-related pain:

Restore Your Healthy Pain-Free Gum

When your two options are to either keep suffering from a puffy gums or to fix your swollen gums, the better choice is clear. A dental consultation with our team of dental specialists in Riverside can help you identify the cause of your gum pain.


In your consultation with Dr. Shmara:

  • Tell us about your gum pain
  • Ask Dr. Shmara about the best dental treatment
  • Ask about our financing options
  • Plan your individual long-term plan to your healthiest smile

Renew Your Smile Today

Lets get your smile back on track. Dr. Shmara is the #1 Riverside dentist with concentrations in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Come in for a consultation and discover which dental service is best for you. Ask us which dental procedure is right for you.


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